Natural Hair Care Tips for Your Kids

It’s hard enough to take care of our own hair sometimes, but try adding in the challenge of a child. Whether your child has drastically different hair than you’re used to, or you simply don’t have time to create runway-ready looks every night, taking care of your child’s hair can be a stress-free bonding experience. We wanted to share a few simple tips that you can follow to easily maintain your child’s hair!

How to maintain your child’s natural hair at home

To begin with, regularly wash your child’s natural hair and keep it moisturized. It’s a common myth that natural hair doesn’t need to be shampooed, but it does need to be regularly washed at least every week or two. Choose gentle shampoo, especially if you have an active kid on your hands that requires in-between washes since washing it too often can dry out natural hair. Also keep in mind that your child is more likely to have dry and damaged hair due to their age and activities. Moisturize their hair a few times a week and seal it with an oil- especially the ends.

Make sure to never skip detangling and trimming; it’s important to keep your child’s natural hair manageable and to minimize split ends/breakage to avoid painful hair upkeep and styling. Use a wide-tooth comb and always start near the ends of your child’s hair to minimize knots. Always be gentle and be sure to detangle every section while hair is damp (hint: use a spray bottle if necessary)

Styling and regular nighttime care can also be a lifesaver when it comes to your young one’s natural hair. A lot of natural hair styles are protective against dirt, the weather, and other damage, just be careful while you’re styling. You never want to pull too tight and damage your child’s hair, and always remember to keep it moisturized. Also, always make sure your child is sleeping on a satin pillowcase to avoid damage overnight.

The most important thing to know while styling your child’s hair

No matter how you teach your child to maintain and style their hair, always teach them to love their natural look. It’s always important to make sure your child knows that there’s nothing wrong with their hair, but that everyone should respect themselves and their hair with regular, quality care.

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